Il led è il vero amico dell'ambiente

Le vecchie lampadine ad incandescenza ci hanno dunque lasciato, ricordate lo scorso articolo? Una volta terminate le riserve nei magazzini, inizieranno pian piano a scomparire dai banconi del supermercato. Esistono però delle alternative all’incandescenza? certo che sì.

Dove gettare le lampadine a risparmio energetico

Lo sapete dove buttare una lampadina a risparmio energetico una volta “esaurita”, ovvero quando smette di funzionare? Uhm vediamo un po’… forse nel bidone del vetro? (beh c’è il bulbo che è di vetro…), no, no… forse nella plastica?


Who's solight

Solight designs, manufactures and markets integrated technology systems for lighting large commercial, industrial, office and urban areas by providing them with security and connectivity combined with the power management.

Solight is a company specialized in research and development, design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of LED products for the lighting industry , for decoration and for home lighting in general.

All systems and products are designed, developed and assembled in collaboration with partner production of primary importance with a right of control Solight throughout the process. Born in 2009, SIM2 Spa experience, with the aim of bringing together both the specific technological skills that the network of human resources to support the company in achieving its business objectives.

The Solight with its headquarters in Pordenone, thanks to young and dynamic team , supported by a management team with years of experience, you are firmly stating markets sensitive to energy conservation and the need for control and security, and broadband connectivity.